We have recently had our office refurbished and one of the key outcomes of this is that we now have far more space that can be hired out by external organisations, groups or individuals.

Below is a list of the spaces available for hire, the prices and further details about each space.

Main Office

This space is a private office, which provides a perfect balance of privacy and connection to the outside world.

The room has both a desk, and a round table, to suit a range of needs. It also has strong wi-fi and mobile data connections, ensuring that you can get work done efficiently.

The maximum number of people who can fit in this room is two, according to COVID-19 regulations.

The price of this space is £20 per hour, and booking enquiries should be sent to info@hopscotchawc.org.uk. 

Programmes Space

This space is a large room, with one way windows at one end. The space contains 6 tables, access to four power sockets under each table, and strong internet connection throughout the space, ensuring smooth working conditions.

The space can also be reconfigured to suit various different activities.

This space seats around 10 people at maximum capacity, according to COVID-19 guidelines.

The price of this space is £50 per hour, and booking enquiries should be sent to info@hopscotchawc.org.uk

COVID-19 Information

Please be assured that all COVID-19 guidelines (twice weekly deep cleaning, twice daily cleaning of surfaces etc.) are in place in the whole office.

We expect you to follow COVID-19 guidelines as part of the booking. This includes records being kept of all individuals coming into the office, masks being worn unless impractical, social distancing being followed where possible and any visitors with ANY symptoms of COVID-19 NOT entering the premises.

We also expect you to clean up the space after using it, including putting all rubbish into either the recycling or waste bins and cleaning any messes made. Professional cleaning will take place after each booking, but your help is appreciated.

To make a booking, please either email info@hopscotchawc.org.uk, or call us Monday-Friday 9-5 on 0207 388 8198