HomeStart Islington and Camden Technology Library Appeal

How much have you needed your laptop during lockdown?

Accessing and using technology is part of our everyday life, and that’s never been more true than during the past year.

But, for lots of families, it just isn’t an option. Parents with children under the age of five who have no access to technology haven’t received any support to get online.

The wonderful staff at HomeStart Islington and Camden work tirelessly to help parents and children alike. However, the digital divide is a common problem, even pre pandemic. During lockdown, this has meant that many of the disadvantaged parents they support can’t apply for jobs, attend meetings with support workers, or access therapy. They aren’t able to do the things that would improve life for them and their young children.

Camden and Islington are two of the boroughs with the highest pay inequality in London. In Camden 39% of children are living in poverty. In Islington that number is 43%. If nothing changes, this number will only get higher.

They are setting up a Technology Library for families who can’t afford the technology they need to get by. They are starting by buying 30 tablets and 20 dongles for parents available on short-term loans. They’ll help parents with training and resources to give them the skills they need to make the most of these resources. They’ll run sessions telling stories and running sing-alongs with the children so they aren’t isolated any further and they’ll support the parents with ways to keep their children engaged and learning offline as well as online.

With this equipment, and with your donations, HomeStart Islington and Camden can save parents and children from falling further into poverty and tackle the digital divide, not just during this lockdown, but for years to come.

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Thank you!

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