Supporting Asian girls to shape and engage in a programme of activities and access mentoring to address social isolation and lack of self-esteem.

This program was created in order to increase their confidence and raise their aspirations.

What Did We Achieve?

After joining the programme, many of the girls began to feel a sense of belonging and found the encouragement and willingness to participate in project workshops and activities. They  acquired a number of skills and knowledge about photography, cooking, henna patterns, debate, poetry and cosmetology. As for the mentoring programme, many of these girls began to develop interpersonal skills and were able to speak with other women of similar backgrounds. Overall Dynamix provided a safe space for the girls to be themselves without fear of being judged and/or constrained to certain expectations. From our evaluation 100% of the girls expressed that they felt their mental wellbeing and ability to cope with mental health issues had improved after attending Dynamix.

How We Did It

Dynamix offered a wide range of activities and workshops for the girls to participate in. Some of the  workshops included were: “Beauty and Identity,” “Self-Expression and Confidence Building,” and “Mind, Body and Soul”. Many of these workshops invited the girls to express their emotions on certain topics and interact with other girls. The workshops and activities enabled the girls to develop new skills  and gave them more confidence.